Congrats to Ben & Jerry's for their achievement of B Corp status!


A B Corporation is a certification that speaks to a company's commitment to operating in a wholly sustainable way — one that puts a value on how the world at large is affected by their operations. To be certified as a B Corp, a company has to meet a series of requirements laid out by B Lab, the nonprofit organization that oversees the program. B Corporations are sensitive to their impact on the environment, work to bring value to the communities in which they do business, and take care of their employees.


There are nearly 650 B Corps registered with B Labs (including my friends over at The SOAP Group) that have generated more than $4 billion in annual revenue. Ben & Jerry's is the largest to join the group's ranks and bring a lot of credibility to the idea of a big corporation doing good for the planet while still making money for shareholders.


And no, I didn't write this post just so I could use the photo above of me, Ben, and Jerry taken during a press tour at Ben & Jerry's HQ a couple of years back.


Well, maybe just a little.


You can read the full assessment of Ben & Jerry's operations over at


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Ben & Jerry's is the newest B Corp on the block
Ben & Jerry's made a big commitment to running a business that's good for both the planet and their bottom line when they signed on to become a B Corporation.