Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) recently announced its new joint venture with ECO Plastics to build a new recycling facility in Great Britain. The recycling facility, which will be located in Lincolnshire, will take Great Britain’s PET recycling from 35,000 tons up to 75,000 tons annually once it is operational next year.

The facility will also help CCE achieve one of its sustainability goals – including 25 percent rPET in all of its plastic packaging in Great Britain by 2012.

CCE GB Managing Director, Simon Baldry said:  “CCE is committed to transforming recycling in Great Britain.  Our investment in this project with ECO Plastics will start to address the recycling challenges in this country.  British PET bottles will be recycled for re-use in packaging that will be sold from the shelves of British retailers.” Source: CCE

CCE’s ten-year joint venture with ECO Plastics comes with a sizable financial investment for construction of the new facility at ECO Plastic’s existing Lincolnshire plant. An expected 15 jobs will be created during the construction phase and up to an additional 30 jobs will be created once the plant is operational.

In addition to increasing the amount of rPET processed in Great Britain, the new plant will allow CCE to keep the entire plastic recycling process within the country. Currently, CCE obtains its rPET from the European mainland. The partnership will allow CCE to source the product locally, adding an extra sustainability benefit to the deal.

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