Nonprofit organization Climate Counts has released their 2010-2011 Company Scorecard and Nike comes out on top again. The Climate Counts score, which ranges from 0 to 100, is based off of 22 criteria in four categories: review, reduce, policy stance and report.

The Climate Counts organization looks at a variety of topics in each of these categories including whether the company in question has a clear climate goal set, whether the company supports or opposes public policy on climate change and even how detailed the company’s public reporting process is.

In addition to the numerical score given to each company, the Climate Counts scorecard also gives companies a green, yellow or red light rating. Green light companies are “striding”, yellow light companies are “starting” and at the bottom of the bunch are the red light companies, those that are “stuck” from a climate change perspective.

Although Nike earned the top spot on the Climate Counts 2010-2011 Company Scorecard, it only earned an overall score of 87. This means that despite being the highest scoring company this year, Nike still has room to improve. Other companies earning a score of 80+ include HP (85), Stonyfield Farm (83) and Unilever (83). All three of these companies earned a green light rating.

At the other end of the list we have the lowest scoring company, SkyWest Air with an overall score of 2. Yes, two points out of 100. Twelve companies in the airline sector were included in this year’s ranking and three of them earned five points or less. The other two airline companies earning a red light this year are AirTran and ExpressJet. The only shining light in the industry was Southwest Airlines with a 57, good for a green light.

Other industries that didn’t fare well include hotels with one out of six earning a green light (Marriott with a 62 score) and Food Services with one out of six earning a green light (Starbucks with a 54).

For more information on this year’s rankings, visit the Climate Counts 2010-2011 Company Scorecard Facebook page.

Climate Counts releases 2011 updates
The Climate Counts 2010-2011 Company Scorecard is now available.