Coca-Cola is getting creative in the reuse department by converting old syrup drums into rain barrels that are then donated to communities across the nation. In honor of Earth Month 2012, Coca-Cola has partnered with River Network to donate 1,000 new rain barrels. This brings the total number of rain barrels donated by Coca-Cola to 22,000 in the past four years.


The 1,000 barrels donated as part of this month’s festivities will capture about 60 million gallons of water each year they are in use. To put this into perspective, this would be enough water to fill 100 Olympic-sized swimming pools annually.


There are two major benefits of using a rain barrel: it can help reduce stormwater runoff pollution and it can reduce your water usage. The water collected in a barrel can be used to water plants, wash cars or even clean windows.


According to the American Rivers organization, “one inch of rainfall on a 1,200-square-foot roof will yield over 700 gallons of water.” The organization also says that 40 percent of the water used by residential customers is used outdoors. Outdoor applications are a perfect match for water collected in a rain barrel.


Join Coca-Cola in its Earth Month pursuits by creating your own rain barrel; watch this video to find out how you can build your own rain barrel in just 15 minutes.

Coca-Cola donates 1,000 rain barrels
Old syrup drums are being repurposed as rain barrels.