If you’ve watched "The Social Network" then you know that Facebook was launched in a college dorm room. The way the business got its start is being replicated around the nation. College dormitories are turning into ground zero for small business startups. A new feature on CNNMoney.com highlights six businesses that got their start in a dorm room.

The first business on the list is Sole Bicycles, created by Jake Medwell and Jonathan Shriftman from the University of Southern California. The bicycle company was founded in 2009 and the pair expects that revenues will top $1 million next year.

Hercampus, founded by three female Harvard college students, is a career website that focuses on women. Windsor Hangar, Stephanie Kaplan and Annie Wang founded the site in 2009 and like Facebook, it started off as a Harvard-specific venture. It has since branched out to more than 130 locations nationwide.

Other small business startups featured including TrewGear (ski and snowboard wear), Smathers and Branson (needlepoint), Numberspay (discount site) and The Next Step Realty (college rentals).

It has been about 20 years since I first experienced dorm life, but I don’t remember anyone being nearly as productive as some of these individuals have been. Granted, the school I attended was considered one of the nation’s top party schools, so that might have had something to do with productivity levels.

I wonder if the wild success of Facebook has launched this new college dorm startup trend. Do you know of anyone that has started her own successful small business from a college dormitory?

College dorms: Ground zero for new businesses
CNNMoney.com highlights six new businesses that got their start in a college dorm room.