Climate Counts is a nonprofit organization that helps businesses and consumers work together to combat climate change. The organization, which was founded with support from Stonyfield Farm, has ranked companies on their climate change programs for the past three years. Their latest report, released last month, shows that 73 out of 90 companies have improved since the last reporting period.

Companies are categorized by industry and then given a climate score based on 22 criteria in four categories: review, reduce, policy stance and report. A maximum of 22 points are available in the review category, 50 points in reduce, 10 points in policy stance, and 12 points in report. Companies are also given one of three rankings: stuck (red light), starting (yellow light), or striding (green light).

The electronics sector is doing well in the Climate Counts survey with every company earning above 50 points and given the striding rating. Hewlett-Packard tops the list with 79 total points and IBM is just a few points behind at 76. Dell is on the list with a 57 and Apple now gets the green light with a score of 52. Apple has been hammered for its environmental footprint in the past and recent eco-focused measures seem to be paying off for the company.

While the electronics sector is faring well in the Climate Counts survey, the home and office furniture sector is struggling. Of the 14 companies rated in this section, only one received a green light — Steelcase (52 points).

Six other companies have a yellow light while seven companies are considered to be stuck with regards to climate change programs: Fortune Brands, Simmons, Tempur-Pedic, Select Comfort, Serta, Furniture Brands International and Spring Air. Of these seven companies, Fortune Brands and Simmons have the highest score; each earned four points on the Climate Counts survey.

Another sector that didn’t fare well is toys and children’s equipment. Not a single company in this sector received a green light rating. Only three companies scored in the double-digit range: Hasbro (40), Mattel (18), and Lego (13). Eight out of the remaining 10 companies earned no points in the survey; zero points!

If you want to support those companies that have scored well in the third annual Climate Counts survey, visit the GoodGuide website or download the GoodGuide iPhone app. The two organizations have joined forces to provide Climate Counts survey results to customers of the GoodGuide database.

Companies improve climate change programs
The latest survey from Climate Counts shows that 73 out of 90 companies have improved the programs they have in place to address climate change.