I'll admit it: I regularly have nap time during the day. Probably once or twice a week, I close my eyes for 20 minutes on my chaise or the floor — it's time well-spent, because I wake up refreshed and feeling like I hit the reset button on my brain. Instead of listlessly clicking around on the Internet for that time, dosing my adrenals with more caffeine, or going for an unhealthy snack, I rest — really rest. My body and mind are better for it; research has shown that regular breaks and naps make you smarter and more productive.

Companies as diverse as Bulldog Gin, NASA, Procter & Gamble, Virgin Healthclubs, Nationwide Planning, the Huffington Post, Google, and a handful of universities have installed Metronap Pods, which are designed specifically for nap time (see video below) and go for about $10K each.

You can mimic the pods' most salient features — which include elevating your feet above your heart, lowering the lights, and ensuring quiet — with a blanket, some pillows and a good quality eye pillow, for far less (though the pods do kind of make napping on the job seem more official, right?). Another fun option is rehabbing a chaise lounge and setting it up in your home office. (That's what I enjoy using.)

“The nap for me, personally speaking, really allows me to approach the second half of the day with a lot more force," Mike Karalewich, Nationwide Planning’s chief compliance officer, told the "Today" show. Since almost half of Americans don't get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night, a nap can also help make up for that deficit. Arianna Huffington is a fan of nap time (after collapsing a few years ago from exhaustion), and so are plenty of creatives and entrepreneurs, who may be working beyond the 9-5 (but aren't we all these days)?

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Companies support nap time for their workers
A 20-minute kip can improve mood, recharge energy and increase productivity.