Employees everywhere are usually willing to step back from the meetings, phone calls and emails that make up a typical workday and spend some time celebrating.  Today, employees of Bell Pottinger USA in Boston celebrated their first "Green Day."  The goal of the day was to raise awareness about easy to implement green office tips and take steps to reduce the company's overall carbon footprint. 

Marlin Collingwood, President of BPUSA, explained that today's celebration featured, "information about green suppliers within the Boston area as well as a brainstorming session with staff on ideas to change personal behavior to reduce individual negative impacts on the environment."  Source:  PR Newswire

The day started with an organic breakfast.  Afterwards, employees were able to participate in the Green Day Challenge Quiz and watch The Truth About Climate Change by Sir David Attenborough.

Businesses both small and large can use environmental events like this to introduce eco-friendly ideas to its employees.  The employees can take this opportunity to network and brainstorm new ways to make their place of business greener.  Employees can then go a step further and encourage one another to take the initiative to make similar eco-friendly changes in their residence as well.

Company celebrates Green Day
An organic breakfast and an environmental quiz part of Green Day.