When Cox Enterprises decided to “Go Green” it did more than simply create corporate sustainability goals; the company created an entire program dedicated to promoting sustainability both within the company walls and in Cox communities. That program, Cox Conserves, is celebrating its fifth anniversary.


Over the past five years, Cox Enterprises has focused its sustainability efforts on expanding alternative energy use, building a green fleet, improving building energy efficiency, conserving water, reduce waste and working with community leaders to build and support sustainability programs.


Cox Conserves accomplishments from the past five years include:

  • 25 percent of electricity used by Cox Communications locations in California is generated by alternative energy sources
  • 90 percent of Cox Communications’ bucket trucks release no emissions when the bucket is in operation
  • Energy efficiency projects have led to carbon emission reduction of 14,000 tons
  • Cox community recycling events have collected more than 250 tons of recyclable electronic waste
  • The Cox Conserves Heroes program has expanded to new communities

For more information about the company’s sustainability achievements over the past five years, including Cox Enterprises’ future plans, visit the Cox Conserves website.


Photo: Tobyotter/Flickr