University of MichiganThe Dow Chemical Company and the University of Michigan are partnering up to create a Sustainability Fellows Program, which Dow will finance to the tune of $10 million over a six year period. The program will support the efforts of 300 graduate and postdoctoral students who are working to address some of the most concerning environmental problems we face today.


"Through this gift, we have the chance to ramp up our efforts in preparing future leaders in sustainability — in all areas of study, attacking all aspects of this complex issue," said university President Mary Sue Coleman. "The uniqueness of this program is that it is not rooted in any one discipline or any single unit of the university — it is as broad and comprehensive as the subject matter itself. And that is, frankly, the only way to solve problems as pervasive as those we face in sustainability."


Over the six-year period, the $10 million will support one-year master’s sustainability fellows, two-year doctoral sustainability fellows, two-year postdoctoral sustainability fellows and a lecture series. Students chosen as Dow sustainability fellows will address issues like climate change, water and food security, housing and of course, energy.


The University of Michigan and Dow have a long-standing relationship and so it was only natural that the Dow fellowship program be instituted at the university, which is one of Dow’s strategic research and development innovation universities.


To learn more about the partnership or watch the webcast of the program’s announcement, visit the Dow website.


Photo: Khurt/Flickr

Dow pledges $10 million for sustainability fellows program
The Dow Chemical Company will provide $10 million over six years for a sustainability program at the University of Michigan.