The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and AT&T have partnered to release a new water efficiency toolkit. AT&T is planning on rolling out the methods described in the toolkit to 125 facilities and expects to reduce water use by 150 million gallons by the end of 2015. The environmental organization and the telecommunications leader are making the toolkit available for free so that other companies can join AT&T as the company implements several new water efficiency projects.

Two water efficiency projects highlighted in the toolkit come with quick returns on investments including:

  • A $4,000 minor equipment upgrade to expand free air cooling can lead to almost $40,000 in annual savings.
  • A more expensive $100,000 cooling tower filtration system can save your company $60,000 in water and sewer savings, which makes for a less than two-year ROI.
The EDF and AT&T Water Toolkit includes several resources for businesses including a water score card, cooling system informational videos, sample audit water forms and a guide to cooling tower efficiency as well as information as to how facilities management teams and organization leadership should use the available tools.

For more information, visit the AT&T Water section of the EDF website.

EDF and AT&T release water efficiency toolkit
What does the Environmental Defense Fund have in common with a global telecommunications leader? They both want to help companies reduce water consumption.