Before you head out for the long Memorial Day weekend, catch up on the latest green business news including the 2013 class of Climate Corps fellows and Kroger’s new plan to turn rotten food into electricity.

EDF places 116 Climate Corps fellows

The Environmental Defense Fund's 2013 Climate Corps fellowship program is the largest yet. On Tuesday, EDF announced that 116 students were placed with 106 organizations. Organizations participating for the first time this year include Apple, Colgate-Palmolive and General Motors. These companies join existing participants including AT&T, Facebook and Verizon.

Kroger using biogas to power distribution center

What do you do with your spoiled food? Do you compost it or throw it away? Would you use it to provide electricity to your house? That’s what Kroger is doing. The company announced a biogas program that will turn spoiled food into renewable electricity to provide power to its 650,000-square-foot distribution center in Compton, Calif.

Hairy buildings?

"Hairy skyscraper to collect energy through piezo-electric straws" — with a headline like that, how can you not click? “Calling the idea the Strawscraper, Belatchew said the retrofit of the landmark Söder Torn would result in the building being an urban power plant, with the millions of strands of piezo-electric straw collecting energy as they vibrated in the swirling wind.”

Sustainability reporting boosts cash flow

Companies that don’t embrace the need to report on sustainability programs are leaving money on the table. A new study from the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and Ernst & Young revealed that sustainability reporting is tied to both higher cash flows and also improved company reputation.

EDF places 116 Climate Corps fellows [Friday link love]
The Environmental Defense Fund’s 2013 Climate Corps fellows' class is the largest yet; 116 students were placed with 106 different organizations.