AT&T’s dedication to energy efficiency is leading to big time savings for the telecommunications giant. Since 2010, the company has completed more than 14,300 energy efficiency projects. The projects have reduced the company’s energy use by 1.3 billion kWh and saved AT&T more than $151 million. To put the energy reduction into better perspective, 1.3 billion kWh is enough energy to provide power to 136,340 homes for an entire year. 

Some of the energy reduction measures that AT&T took were simple and didn’t require significant capital investment including replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with LED lights, installing power management software on desktop computer systems and providing energy efficiency training to employees. 

Reaching a 1.3 billion kWh energy savings can’t be achieved with just the small steps, though. Larger energy efficiency projects include Bloom fuel cell installations and solar power projects.  These projects will help AT&T reach its goal of reducing electricity consumption relative to network data growth by 60 percent by 2014, with the 2008 consumption figures used as a baseline. 

AT&T is well on its way to meeting this goal; at the end of 2012, the company had reduced electricity use by 57 percent compared to the baseline. Looking forward to 2013, AT&T has set a goal of installing a minimum of 10 MW of additional alternative energy installations.  

Energy efficiency projects aren’t the only highlight of AT&T’s 2012 Sustainability Report. Other noteworthy achievements include:

  • AT&T’s ever-expanding green fleet includes more than 7,000 alternative fuel vehicles; now alternative fuel vehicles account for 10 percent of the company’s entire corporate fleet.
  • The company committed an additional $250 million to the Aspire education initiative, which is designed to improve high school graduation rates in the nation.
  • AT&T joined the 100,000 Jobs Mission to show its commitment to hiring military veterans.
For more information about AT&T’s ongoing commitment to community and the environment, visit AT&T’s 2012 Sustainability Report web portal.
Energy efficiency projects save AT&T $151 million
More than 14,300 energy efficiency projects helped AT&T reduce its energy use by 1.3 billion kWh.