Last year fellow MNN blogger Starre Vartan covered a new Kickstarter-funded startup, Flint and Tinder. The company was using the crowdfunding site to raise funds to launch a made-in-the-USA line of men’s underwear. Flint and Tinder is back on Kickstarter again, this time with a 10-year hoodie.

What’s a 10-year hoodie, you ask? Simple, it is a 100-percent made-in-America unisex hooded sweatshirt (aka a hoodie) that comes with a 10-year guarantee; if the hoodie needs to be mended anytime during the next decade, Flint and Tinder will fix it for free.

Why throw away a good quality clothing item because of a littlt tear? Flint and Tinder will mend it in your choice of contrasting or matching stich, and you get to keep your favorite well-worn sweatshirt, now with just a little more character.

It looks like Jake Bronstein has another successful Kickstarter campaign under his belt. The funding campaign is open until April 21 but has already reached nearly $300,000 in pledges from more than 2,500 backers. This is nearly six times the original goal of $50,000. Kudos to Flint and Tinder for another successful Kickstarter campaign that funds genuine made-in-the-USA apparel.

Photo: davharuk/Flickr

Flint and Tinder launches the 10-year hoodie
Flint and Tinder's Kickstarter campaign to make genuine made-in-the-USA undies was so successful that the company is back for round two.