I love Fresh & Easy. Prior to Fresh & Easy stores opening up in Arizona, the nearest grocer with a good selection of organic and natural products was a 45-minute drive. Fresh & Easy branded products at our local store were mostly limited to food items in the beginning but then the product selection expanded to include personal care items. The product line is expanding again, this time to include eco-friendly household cleaners and paper products.

Household cleaners in the new Fresh & Easy Green Things product line are biodegradable and do not contain harmful chemicals, phosphates, dyes or perfumes. The line includes a dish liquid, automatic dish gel, a window and glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner and laundry detergent.

The Green Things line of paper products are made from 100 percent recycled paper with at least 80 percent from post-consumer sources. Bath tissue, paper towels, napkins and facial tissues are packaged in a special plastic film that will degrade in 18 months.

As is the case with most Fresh & Easy branded products prices are reasonable. A 40 oz bottle of automatic dish gel is $3.49 and a 4-roll pack of bath tissue is only $2.79.

Fresh & Easy launches Green Things line
Fresh & Easy just launched the Green Things line of eco-friendly household cleaners and paper products.