Atlanta-based company Georgia-Pacific has launched a new sustainability site, allowing consumers and customers better access to the company’s eco initiatives. Visitors to the site can find out how Georgia-Pacific sources its raw materials, transports items around the country and even how the company extends the life of its products.


One innovative example given on the site involves the Georgia-Pacific enMotion paper towel dispenser. If a customer places a service call for the dispenser and it is determined that the product has reached the end of its life, Georgia-Pacific will work with recyclers to reuse components. One of the company’s recycling partners takes the plastic from the enMotion dispenser and turns it into usable auto parts. This not only keeps the plastic out of landfills but it also turns it into a new product, which minimizes the need for new raw materials.


The site doesn’t just focus on in-house programs, it also provides examples of how Georgia-Pacific is giving back through community outreach programs. Georgia-Pacific’s efforts to help rebuild Vermonia, Oregon after a 500-year flood and the company’s partnership with The American Chestnut Foundation are just two programs featured.


Bill Frerking, vice president and chief sustainability officer at Georgia-Pacific comments about sustainability at the company, “We know that there's no finish line when it comes to sustainability. There are always things we can do better.  But we should also acknowledge our accomplishments as we strive to provide products and services that customers and consumers prefer over the alternatives and supply them as efficiently as we can.  Operating sustainably is important to Georgia-Pacific's future success." Source: Georgia-Pacific


Learn more about the company’s eco-focused programs by visiting the new Georgia-Pacific Sustainability website.

Georgia-Pacific launches new sustainability site
New site provides consumers with the latest sustainability information.