Tech geeks unite! Yes, that’s my nerd rally cry for today. I’m a confessed Apple addict, and despite the recent resurgence of news regarding Foxconn facility conditions in China, consumerism won the battle and I’m now sitting here waiting for the FedEx delivery truck to drop off my new iPad. To make matters worse, my husband is also waiting on his new iPad.


I admit, I’m a bit embarrassed about my excitement over the new gadget, especially when I think about the blood, sweat and tears that went into making the best-selling tablet in the world. However, Apple isn’t the only company that contracts with Foxconn. A variety of well-known electronics companies also contract with them , meaning boycotting Apple isn’t going to make things better. Boycotting electronics may make a dent, but I don’t know how realistic that is.


Last year I managed to avoid all of the fervor surrounding the iPad 2 release, which was a significant upgrade over my WiFi-only iPad 1 model. Sure, the new camera was nice but what I had worked well and there was no reason to upgrade.


This year, though, things are different. Now that I have two years of iPad use under my belt, I definitely see a need for 3G or 4G capability. I use my iPad daily and it is quickly outpacing my MacBook use. It is smaller, lighter and quite frankly more convenient for me to use. So now here I sit, waiting for the doorbell to ring so I can be enveloped by my consumerism for a few hours on this gorgeous, sunny Arizona afternoon.

Getting caught up in the iPad excitement
Consumerism takes over as this blogger waits for her new iPad.