Got a big heart and a tiny wallet? Now you can do good with just a buck — by donating it via Philanthroper.

Philanthroper’s basic function is simple: to get people to donate $1 — no more, no less — to a nonprofit group as often as possible. A different nonprofit is featured on this Groupon-like website each day, letting users add their $1 donations for a feel-good moment and then watch the tally grow as the day goes on.

Since the donation amount is so small, more people will be able to afford to contribute — without worrying about the $10 to $15 minimum donation usually required for a nonprofit donation. Only a penny goes to the transaction service provider, mPayy, and Philanthroper takes no cut, instead supporting itself through advertising. That means for every dollar donated, 99 cents goes directly to the nonprofit featured on Philanthroper — and the money is delivered within the week.

Ready to give? Head over to Philanthroper. Today’s charity is Getting2Tri, an organization that runs sports training camps for people with disabilities, and the group has received $123 in donations so far. The first time you give, you’ll need to sign up with mPayy, but you’ll be able to make future donations with just two clicks.

Do you only give to green-themed nonprofits? Environmental groups like the Solar Electric Light Fund, which brings green energy to impoverished areas of the globe, have been featured on Philanthroper. Sign up for Philanthroper‘s newsletter so you don’t lose the opportunity to donate your dollar to a good cause.

Give $1 to a good cause with Philanthroper
New, Groupon-like website wants to put your spare change to a good cause with micro-donations of $1 toward that day's featured nonprofit.