Corporate altruism – it sounds like an odd phrase but it is the focus of a new project from the team at Good. Good is expanding beyond its website and magazine projects and launching a new agency, Good/Corps. The new project is being featured in a New York Times article.

In the article, Andrew Adam Newman chronicles Good’s journey into corporate altruism through the Pepsi Refresh project. Good’s expertise took Pepsi’s new slogan and desire to donate money and turned it into a massive social media-fueled campaign. Ana Maria Irazabal, marketing director for Pepsi in the United States, credits Good with coming up with the Pepsi Refresh idea.

“In addition to helping to conceive of Pepsi Refresh, Ms. Irazabal credits Good with developing the online voting platform to submit ideas, highlighting Pepsi Refresh on the Good Web site and Facebook page, assembling a grant management team to assist award recipients, recruiting an advisory board to lend the effort cachet and credibility, and documenting the community projects in videos that have raised the profiles of the projects and the program.” Source: New York Times

The new Good/Corps website includes information about the Pepsi Refresh project but also case studies of other campaigns including the Toyota Prius Harmony microsite, a community engagement project with Starbucks and the IBM Smarter Cities campaign.

Good/Corps will be operating on seven tenets:

  1. We make business success
  2. We turn the audience into advocates
  3. We create change through communication and action
  4. We partner with an entire network of influencers
  5. We share as opposed to sell
  6. We connect to Good worldwide
  7. We bring brands and people together
Although Good/Corps is new, the real work started about a year and a half ago. For the past 18 months the team at Good/Corps was working under the Good Projects moniker. Now, the new project has officially become a separate entity and the team will continue to help companies make a positive social impact.
Good/Corps to focus on corporate altruism
The folks at Good magazine are starting a new venture, Good/Corps.