With a growing list of atypical yet amazing employee benefits, Google is already one of the best places to work, at least in my opinion. The company recently leaked news of a rather unique employee benefit. While great benefits are typically a reason to rejoice, the condition behind this benefit — death — is not something we normally celebrate. That’s right; Google has a generous employee death benefit.


Meghan Casserly of Forbes scored an interview with Google’s so-called Chief People Officer, Laszlo Bock, and one of the topics of conversation was the company’s famous benefits program. Casserly was surprised when Block mentioned the death benefit.


“Bock, who joined the company in 2006 after a stint with General Electric, blew me away by disclosing a never-before-made-public-perk: Should a U.S. Googler pass away while under the employ of the 14-year-old search giant, their surviving spouse or domestic partner will receive a check for 50% of their salary every year for the next decade. Even more surprising, a Google spokesperson confirms that there’s “no tenure requirement” for this benefit.” Source: Forbes.com


Wow! I know that life insurance is designed to help meet the financial needs of a family should the breadwinner pass away, but the knowledge that regular income will still be flowing has to provide a certain measure of comfort for spouses or partners of Google employees. I’d say this is a nice, big, financial security blanket. ''


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Google executive confirms death benefits
Google's chief people officer discloses one of the company's little known but generous employee benefits.