Do you need a logo for your business but lack basic design skills and a big graphic design budget? If so, check out Do you want to do some keyword research for a new website but lack the time? can help you, too. 

Fiverr® is a company that connects people that need services with those that can provide the services at prices that start at just $5. Yes, you read that right, for as little as $5 you can have a logo designed, keyword research completed and more.

Using the site is pretty simple: create an account, find a service and pay, track the order and then pick up the finished product. I love the way you browse through the offerings. I clicked on one of the logo designers that had a high feedback rating and was presented with a screen that provided me with more details about her. Information listed included:

  • Feedback rating and how many votes contributed to the feedback
  • Average work time
  • Current number of orders in the queue
  • Average response time
  • Additional notes – in this case a message that the person would be traveling for business later this month
I could also browse through some of her previous logo work and then order one of my own for $5. If I wanted the logo in a layered Photoshop format instead of a standard .jpg format, I could pay an additional $10. If I were in a hurry, she offers a rush option for $20, which guarantees delivery in three days vs. her current average 14-day turnaround.

Fiverr® provides dozens of different services, though, and they aren’t all limited to graphics or animation. Other offerings include online marketing services, writing and translation, advertising, programming, business branding, legal consulting and more. It reminds me of other sites like oDesk and Elance but in Fiverr®’s case, you order from a set menu of items instead of posting a job and wading through dozens of applications. 

I’ve recently gone through the logo design process for a new business startup. I used another website, because I hadn’t yet heard of Fiverr®, and while it was a relatively simple process, I paid a lot more than $5 for the design. When you’re starting a new business, every penny counts. I’m definitely keeping Fiverr® in mind for future projects.

Graphics, logos and more for only $5 offers up a bevy of services starting at only $5.