If you think that the green building trend is only taking hold in typically eco-conscious locales like San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest then you’d be mistaken. According to a USGBC report, green building policies are being implemented in all 50 states.

The good news for the green building industry is that despite budget woes, several states still found legislative support for green building policies this year. Cash-strapped states highlighted in the report include Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Nevada and Oregon.

In Colorado, HB1160 focused on the establishment of a residential green building incentive pilot program. The program would encourage existing homeowners to perform energy efficiency upgrades on their property if they decide to sell and move into a new residential property.

Delaware’s HB129 led to a new Energy Efficiency Investment Fund, which will facilitate green building upgrades through competitive grants and low-interest loans.

The State of Nevada, which is still reeling from the housing market crash and unemployment crisis, remains committed to incentivizing green building in the state. The state’s legislature passed a bill that provides financial incentives to manufacturing facilities built to at least LEED Silver certification levels.

To read more about green building legislation process across the country, download the USGBC report: Advancing Green Building Policy in the States: 2011 Victories from Alabama to Wyoming (PDF).

Green building advancements seen nationwide
A USGBC report highlights green building advancements made in all 50 states.