If you’re like me, you always have your iPhone or even your iPod with you. I have several different podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis, including a few dedicated to green business. Here are some of my favorite green business podcasts:

GreenBiz Radio – The release schedule for the GreenBiz Radio podcasts is a bit sporadic but the podcasts cover some interesting eco-news. Recent topics include “How a Kindergarten Mentality Can Drive Widespread Energy Efficiency” and a podcast on Coca-Cola’s new PlantBottle.

Building Performance Podcast – This podcast capitalizes on today’s hot building trend, energy efficiency and green buildings. The episodes feature interviews with a variety of building professionals including architects, engineers, managers and more. Recent episodes included topics on home inspection and “Energy Efficiency at Ground Zero.”

Fortune: The Business of Green – Unfortunately there were only six episodes of Fortune’s The Business of Green published during a short period in 2009. However, these three- to four-minute episodes are worth a quick listen. I’d love to see Fortune bring back this podcast series.

Green Career Coach – Mark Gragg with the Greenman Alliance started the Green Career Coach podcast earlier this year. If you’re searching for a green job, this is a great tool.

Clean Energy Business News – This podcast is from Bloomberg and focuses on all things clean energy. Clean energy has received a big boost in investments and interest thanks to the Recovery Act, and this podcast focuses on a variety of renewable energy topics.

These are just a few of the many green business podcasts available on iTunes. However, these are the ones that I listen to (or in the case of Fortune’s podcast, listened to) regularly.

What’s your favorite green business podcast? I’ve always got room on my iPhone for more.

Green business podcasts
If you’re interested in the latest green business news but you’re always on the go, check out one of these green business podcasts available from iTunes.