The process of greening up your office space is partly your company’s responsibility but it is also partly in your hands.  Making more eco-friendly choices at your office doesn’t have to cost money; for ideas on how to do this without a financial or time commitment, read my post Three easy green office tips.

Another way to introduce green thinking in to the office place is to bring an eco-friendly present to your office’s next gift exchange.  With the holidays upon us, now is the time to bring a green vibe to your workplace.

Green Your Office
The Green Perspective has a pre-packaged Green Your Office gift bundle for $40.  The package includes a bamboo box and pen, green stationary, a BPA-free Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle and a copy of Greening Your Office:  From Cupboard to Corporation, An A-Z Guide by Jon Clift and Amanda Cuthbert. 

Carbon offsets
Give the gift of a carbon offset in your office’s gift exchange.  This is a perfect gift for that environmentally conscious co-worker that faithfully drives his Toyota Prius to work every day.  CarbonFund sells a 6,000 lbs CO2 carbon offset gift for $27.21.  This is enough to offset the emissions on your coworker’s Prius for an entire year.

EcoChic Portfolio/Organizer

Not everyone keeps his or her lives planned out via a Blackberry or iPhone.  It is not that uncommon to see a coworker carry around a traditional organizer.  TerraLunaSol sells the EcoChic Portfolio/Organizer that is made from reclaimed plastic bags.    TerraLunaSol has received the Co-op America’s Business Seal of Approval for the products that it sells.

These are just three examples of eco-friendly gifts that you can give to your coworkers in an attempt to steer everyone towards a greener office.

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Green gifts for the office
Bring an eco-friendly present to your office’s next gift exchange.