A company looking at implementing green office strategies may quickly find themselves overwhelmed.  The options are nearly limitless - recycled printer paper, LED lighting, Fair Trade coffee, energy use plans and so much more. 

Thankfully, there are green office consultants that will come in and assess the office and then work with your company's budget to make the process of going green easier on everyone involved.  A quick Google search for green office consultant leads to over 445,000 results. 

One company listed is The Green Office.  The company, with headquarters in San Francisco, California, provides sustainability consulting, a trademarked Office Footprint Calculator for determining carbon offsets, a variety of low-cost webinars and a store packed with green office goodies.

If you work in a less-than-green office and want more information on eco-friendly ideas for the workplace, the Office Greening 101 webinar provided by The Green Office is a good place to start.  The webinar will provide you with an introduction to green office techniques including a list of basic resources and ways to implement the green changes.

Companies looking for a more ambitious project should consider collaborating with a LEED Accredited Professional and work towards achieving LEED for Commercial Interiors certification - the ultimate in green office designations.

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Green office consultants are in demand
Companies are turning to consultants to help them achieve their eco-friendly office goals.