Happy 40th birthday, Starbucks. On March 8, 1971, a coffeehouse named Starbucks opened its doors, and the industry was forever changed. Starbucks is easily the most recognized coffeehouse in the world, and over the last 40 years, the company has made a plethora of changes to keep up with the times, including a number of sustainability changes.

Eco-friendly changes made at the company include:

• Changing its under-counter faucets to a manually operated model, reducing water use by 150 gallons per store, per day.

• Allowing customers to use their own reusable cup to reduce waste.

• Using a paper cup with post-consumer recycled content.

• Using green power to provide energy to select locations.

• Focusing on green building as a member of the LEED Volume Certification pilot program.

Starbucks will also begin rolling out its new logo today as part of the company’s birthday celebrations.

Learn more about the company’s sustainability goals by visiting the Starbucks: Responsibility website.

Photo: anyaka/Flickr

Happy 40th birthday, Starbucks
The company has made many eco-friendly changes during its first 40 years.