We’re fans of Hasbro products in my house. I grew up playing with My Little Pony toys and my daughter enjoys them today. When we buy a My Little Pony, though, we get more than the pony and its accessories, we also get a big chunk of cardboard and the plastic housing that kept the toy safe during shipment and while it sat on the toy store shelves. Hasbro is working to reduce the extra packaging through a new initiative, which will improve the company’s product-to-package ratio by approximately 15 percent.


Over the next two years, Hasbro will work to reduce product packaging on several brands including My Little Pony. While the reduction in extra packaging will be nice from a consumer standpoint, it is also beneficial to Hasbro’s bottom line. Hasbro’s plans for the 2013 My Little Pony assortment pack will reduce the size of the shipping container used to transport the product by 20 percent.


Duncan Billing, global chief development officer at Hasbro, commented on the new packaging initiative, “This initiative is designed to streamline our manufacturing processes and reduces our use of natural resources, providing consumers with more manageable and environmentally responsible packaging for our products.” 


I love a product with less packaging, now if only more could be done about rage-inducing product packaging.

Hasbro plans to reduce product packaging
Hasbro will improve its product-to-package ratio by approximately 15%.