Attention Facebook users, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) wants to send Congress a strong message, 10,000 reasons to fight climate change, but they need your help. With the world’s attention on climate change and Copenhagen, now is the time to send your support for climate change measures to Congress to get them to act. In order to do this, the EDF is gathering your reasons via Facebook and Twitter.

To help the EDF meet their goal, you just need to log on to Facebook, post your reason on the EDF Facebook message board, and download a badge to ad to your Facebook page. If you’re on Twitter, you can copy and paste the EDF message into your Twitter account to help EDF reach their 10,000 reasons goal.

I just submitted my reason; well, actually it is two reasons — my two children. I was post number 731 so the EDF still needs more than 9,000 responses to meet their goal. What reason are you going to submit?

Photos: EDF
Help the EDF fight climate change
The Environmental Defense Fund wants to send a strong message to Congress -- 10,000 reasons to fight climate change -- and they need your help.