La Fisheria, a Houston Mexican food restaurant, is hopping on the child-free bandwagon but unlike a Virginia sushi restaurant that is completely kid-free, La Fisheria has set a curfew. The restaurant management team has asked that only children over the age of 8 visit after 7 p.m. 

This is a reasonable request, in my opinion. I don’t mind a restaurant declaring itself a kid-free zone and so I don’t mind this late-night ban. My children are older now, but when they were younger, we always took the earliest reservation times available. 

Of course, there are fans and critics of the move. shared just one of many unhappy comments posted on the La Fisheria Facebook page, “So you'd rather parents take their children to an unhealthy fast food restaurant than take their children to a nice meal? You people who want families banned is what's wrong with this world.”

Honestly, this response is a tad on the dramatic side. As if the only choices in Houston are La Fisheria or McDonald's. Plus, La Fisheria is just asking that you bring your children to a nice meal earlier in the evening, when the restaurant may not be as busy and your children may be less tired and thus prone to outbursts. Outbursts happen, I get it, but the more tired a child is, the higher likelihood of a meltdown.

I wish stories like this weren’t newsworthy – I’m only writing about it because parents who are offended by these bans need to stop being so uptight. Don’t sweat the small stuff, right? So what if a restaurant bans kids? Move on, find another spot and stop whining.

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