LovingEco co-founder Melinda Moore is a champion of conscious consumption. Her passion for products that are not only people-friendly but also Earth-friendly led to the creation of the online flash sales site with co-founder Justine Lassoff. Yesterday, JP Selects, another site dedicated to eco-conscious shopping, officially acquired LovingEco. The acquisition will give members of both sites access to more brands.


JP Selects was founded nearly a year ago and as the site grew, management began to look at other companies operating in the same marketplace. This is what brought JP Selects to LovingEco.


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview both Paolo Fidanza, CEO of JP Selects, and Moore. I asked Fidanza why the company decided to purchase LovingEco. Fidanza explained that LovingEco operated under the same ethics and morals as JP Selects, the two companies shared the same vision, and LovingEco had an incredible team. In fact, both of the LovingEco co-founders will be staying on with JP Selects. Moore will be working as an advisor and Lassoff will be the new COO of JP Selects/LovingEco.


Fidanza further explained that by purchasing LovingEco, JP Selects is combining LovingEco’s “expertise in their space, their members and their relationships with a lot of great brands together with our JP Selects platform.” The result is a site where members have an opportunity to take advantage of great once-a-week offers, via the flash sales, but also purchase additional products via the JP Selects permanent marketplace.


The JP Selects permanent marketplace features more than 3,300 products from about 100 brands, and each of those products was personally tested by a JP Selects team member with an eye for quality. The product vetting process begins with a questionnaire, and follow-up steps include research, product testing, an analysis of product ingredients and then meetings with brand representatives. Only one in 10 products makes it through this process and ends up being featured on JP Selects.


During the interview, Moore explained that LovingEco and JP Selects aren’t just shopping sites filled with thousands of high-quality, eco-friendly products. The sites also serve as educational platforms, helping consumers realize the benefits of making choices that are not only better for them but also for the planet.


An educated consumer is a powerful consumer, and Moore’s message of conscious consumption is going to reach millions of new consumers in the coming months thanks to a new partnership between JP Selects and China’s largest online luxury and fashion shopping portal, Xiu.com.


JP Selects products will be available to Chinese customers through an exclusive agreement with Xiu.com. Small changes, such as switching to a more sustainable skin care product, really add up. When you combine each of these small changes with the quickly growing Chinese marketplace, the potential benefits are astounding.

JP Selects acquires LovingEco
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