Update: Good news for Monopoly lovers - the new Monopoly Empire game does, in fact, include the jail spaces!


Monopoly has evolved over the years — what started as a single version has turned into dozens of games. From Monopoly on the iPad to the new Monopoly Empire, Hasbro is ensuring that generations to come will continue to enjoy the Monopoly brand. But, the most recent changed has me a bit irritated. There is no jail in the newest game, Monopoly Empire.

A Monopoly game without jail is like a fish without water. Seriously! We are die-hard Monopoly fans in our house, and although some of the Monopoly branded products don’t have jail, the various Monopoly board games that we own all have Monopoly jail.

What’s even more outrageous than removing the jail from Monopoly Empire is the reason behind the decision – kids these days are just too busy to spend part of their game time stuck in jail. I’m sorry, but if your child is too busy to sit down and play a board game for two hours on a Sunday afternoon, then your child is overscheduled.

I know what a busy schedule is, too. Between my two children we have swim team, ballet class, ballet performance rehearsals and piano. Add that on top of a rigorous academic curriculum for my son and we’re busy. But, we still have time to sit down and play a game of Monopoly. We’ve played it so often that the kids know to never let me complete the Boardwalk and Park Place set. Never.

In comparison, a game of Monopoly Empire takes about 30 minutes. Sure, that is significantly shorter than a full game of Monopoly but something is wrong in our society if families can’t make the time to play a favorite game. This goes beyond Monopoly; what Hasbro is saying with its decision is families don’t prioritize time together.

Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but it seems like family game night is going the way of the family dinner and will soon be a pasttime that only us old folks remember.

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