Who doesn’t want to reduce their monthly electric bill, especially in today’s tough economic market? When your budget is already tight, shaving a few percent off of your monthly power bill can give you the breathing room you need. Consumers’ desire to save money may be fueling Kiplinger’s decision to add Pro Energy Consultants to its list of 8 Low Cost Franchises for Hard Times.


Pro Energy Consultants provides energy auditing and conservation services to both residential and business customers. If you know where your energy use pitfalls are, you can make the necessary changes and reduce your energy bills. As an added benefit, lower energy use is actually better for the planet, especially if your power comes from coal-fired power plants.


Pro Energy Consultants is a Cleveland, Ohio-based company with 51 franchises. Although the number looks small, the company experienced a 350 percent growth in franchise locations between 2009 and 2011. Yes, right as the nation was starting to dig its way out of the Great Recession, the company realized tripe digit growth.


More public awareness about the benefits of energy audits is just one reason for this growth. Another reason is the relatively low startup costs associated with a Pro Energy Consultants franchise. According to Kiplinger, the net worth requirement is only $100,000 and the franchise fee is $29,900. The monthly royalty fee is $500 per month for the first two years and then $800 per month thereafter.


Learn more about the company by visiting the Pro Energy Consultants: Franchise Opportunities page.

Kiplinger recognizes energy auditing franchise
Pro Energy Consultants named to Kiplinger’s 8 Low Cost Franchises for Hard Times list.