As the mother of both a son and a daughter, I’ve seen the best (and worst) of gender-based marketing. Take the recent launch of Nerf’s Rebelle line, a product line aimed at girls. The products are similar in power to the Nerf Elite line but are pretty and pink. Both of my kids are fine with their bright orange and yellow Nerf products so the differentiation between a boy's product and a girl's product based on color alone just makes me shake my head. Imagine my surprise to see that this gender-based marketing is being taken to an entirely new level ala MANteresting and other male-oriented pin boards.

MANteresting is a traditional pin board but unlike Pinterest, it is designed for guys who want to share manly things with one another. Pins currently on the site’s homepage right now include:

  • Reseasoning cast iron cookware
  • A laser keyboard
  • Several Men’s Health ‘Look of the Week’ outfits
  • Pictures of scantily clad women
  • A funny meme of a bare-bottomed toddler in a Cowboy hat
These are pins, or should I say ‘Nails’ (the term MANteresting uses), that are for the pin-savvy males of the world. Or are they? I’m sure you can find a cast iron cookware reseasoning post on Pinterest. I’ve also seen the laser keyboard, the toddler meme and of course a plethora of 'Look of the Week' outfits on the site. There are also plenty of scantily clad women on Pinterest, most often seen in fitness-themed memes.  

So do we really need an entire pin board just for men? I understand that the team behind MANteresting is running a business and having a Pinterest-like competition site makes sense. The male-specific part just seems silly to me.

What is even sillier, in my opinion, is that there is actually quite a bit of drama happening in the male pin board space. According to an article on BloombergBusinessweek, there’s some disagreement between MANteresting and another male-oriented pin site, Gentlemint, about who launched first. This reminds me of my kids bickering when they were younger, “I was first!”  “No, I was first!”

Then the owner of another site, Dudepins, sent a cease and desist letter to MANteresting, accusing the site’s co-founder, Brandon Patchin, of slander. Patchin’s response to the issue was to call his competitor’s site ‘Douchepins’ on Twitter. Holy testosterone!  

Now I’m all for healthy competition in business, but I tire of the “girls” vs. “boys” marketing. I’m a female and I love cars, sports, video games and all things technology. I also love designer shoes and purses and spending time in the kitchen baking. I’m sure I’m not the only female out there who has broad tastes, tastes that go beyond the traditional ‘female’ interests.

MANteresting: A masculine take on Pinterest
Male-oriented pin boards remind me of the blue and pink Nerf guns, two items that do exactly the same thing.