Greenpeace has scored a victory in its campaign to make Mattel stop using packaging that contributes to deforestation. 

The toy giant has directed suppliers to put a freeze on purchases made from Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) while also pledging to create a more sustainable procurement policy across all of its product lines. 

"Mattel has a long track record of playing responsibly across all areas of our business, which includes how we impact the world around us," said Lisa Marie Bongiovanni, vice president of corporate affairs at Mattel. "While we don't have all the answers yet, we are working to make continual improvements across our business, and that includes packaging. In fact, earlier this year, Mattel completed a lifecycle assessment of packaging across multiple product lines to identify impacts and opportunities for future improvements."

Last Tuesday, Greenpeace unfurled a giant banner at Mattel headquarters near Los Angeles featuring a Ken doll declaring: "Barbie, it's over. I don't date girls that are into deforestation."

The organization said it had proof that Mattel's packaging (along with Disney's) was coming from threatened Indonesian rain forests —with Asia Pulp & Paper the big culprit at the heart of the supply chain. APP denied the accusations, saying that the product line Greenpeace is targeting already contains 96 percent recycled content. 

Mattel appears skeptical and will apparently perform some due diligence of its own on APP.

With Greenpeace creating such clever viral videos like the PSA below, Disney should probably pay attention.

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

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