Achieving landfill-free status is no easy feat but it is becoming the new standard in corporate recycling goals. MillerCoors is continuing its focus on reducing waste and is now home to its sixth landfill-free facility, the Albany Brewery in Georgia. This not only marks the sixth landfill-free facility for the brewer, it is the second MillerCoors facility to reach that milestone this year. 

In June, the Golden Brewery in Golden, Colorado became the fifth MillerCoors facility to achieve landfill-free status. This was a huge milestone for the company because the Golden facility is the largest brewery in the nation. MillerCoors didn’t stop with that milestone, though, and continued to focus on waste reduction efforts at its Albany, Georgia facility and that focus paid off.

“We are constantly working to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment,” said MillerCoors CEO Tom Long. “We’ve made great strides by reusing and recycling as many materials as possible in our operations. By keeping another 40 tons of waste out of the local landfill each month, MillerCoors is doing its part to keep Georgia beautiful.”

The Albany Brewery sends less than one percent of its waste to landfills, which meets the The National Science Foundation’s guidelines for a landfill-free manufacturing facility. A variety of measures were used to reach landfill-free status in Albany including:

  • Purchasing new equipment including choppers, balers and compactors to process waste on site
  • Working with local vendors to reuse or recycle several different waste streams including glass, paperboards, plastics, metal and brewing byproducts
  • Sending floor sweepings and other residual refuse to a local waste-to energy facility
The Albany and Golden breweries join facilities in Trenton, Ohio; Eden, North Carolina, Shenandoah, West Virginia; and Irwindale, California as landfill-free breweries. MillerCoors is also working on achieving landfill free status at its two other major breweries, the Fort Worth Brewery in Texas and the Milwaukee Brewery in Wisconsin.
MillerCoors' Albany Brewery goes landfill free
MillerCoors now operates six landfill-free facilities in the United States.