Brewer MillerCoors has released its 2011 Sustainable Development Report (SDR), “Success the Right Way.” The report includes performance figures from 2010 and sustainability goals for the coming years.

One of the sustainability highlights from last year was achieving zero landfill waste status at two more of its eight major breweries. Breweries in California and North Carolina were able to divert all of the waste from area landfills.

Just three years ago MillerCoors set a goal to reduce its waste by 15 percent by the year 2015. At the end of last year, the company had achieved a greater than 30 percent waste reduction company-wide. Since the company not only met its original goal well ahead of schedule but also greatly exceeded that goal, a new target has been set. By 2015, MillerCoors plans to reduce its waste by 50 percent when compared to the 2008 baseline figures.

MillerCoors is also making strides on the energy efficiency front. Due to the company’s age, approximately two-thirds of its major utility equipment is decades old. Two approaches are being taken to improve energy efficiency: capital expenditures to purchase new more energy efficient products and changing behaviors and standard operating procedures to reduce energy use.

Other highlights from the report include:

  • The initiation of a pilot study to determine the water risks associated with growing barley in the Snake River Valley (Idaho)
  • Reduction of packaging materials by 6.5 million tons
  • Providing a safe ride to 354,169 drivers
  • MillerCoors employees logged more than 35,000 employee volunteer hours
Read more about the company’s sustainability goals by viewing "Success the Right Way" online.
MillerCoors releases 2011 sustainability report
MillerCoors 2011 Sustainable Development Report includes performance figures from last year and goals for the coming year.