The Sustainable Brands 2010 conference is right around the corner, and companies from around the world will gather to discuss sustainable products, brand marketing, corporate social responsibility, and much more. Despite the recent worldwide economic recession, companies are continuing to expand their sustainability initiatives. Today’s consumers demand more sustainable products, and businesses around the world are meeting this demand, including Modo Eyewear.

Two years ago, just as the recession was beginning to take hold, Alessandro Lanaro decided to create a more environmentally friendly eyewear product. Lanaro, Modo Eyewear’s president and CEO, launched Eco – Earth Conscious Optics. Modo Eyewear is known for its luxury eyewear collections but now its Earth-friendly product line can be found in independent optic centers as well as large retail outlets like Walmart, Sunglass Hut and Pearle.

So what makes the product eco-friendly? Simple: Modo uses both recycled metal and plastic in creating eyewear for the Earth Conscious Optics line. The product is the first consumer brand of eyewear to receive the Underwriters Laboratories Environment (ULE) Environmental Claims Validation (ECV). The validation certifies that the Eco eyewear is made up of at least 95 percent recycled stainless steel and plastic.

Lanaro’s decision to pursue ULE validation will be beneficial to consumers. “With so many products in the marketplace making green claims, we felt it was absolutely necessary to give our customers a higher-level of reassurance that we are truly committed to sustainability. We are very proud to receive an official validation from UL Environment, an organization that consumers truly trust.” Source: Modo

Modo Eyewear takes environmental responsibility a step further. In addition to the recycled content in its product line, the company donates a tree to Trees for the Future for every Earth Conscious Optics frame sold. With the products available in a high-trafficked busy eyewear center like those found in Walmart stores, Modo Eyewear could end up donating a lot of trees. This is a good thing, of course.

Modo also makes it easy for customers to donate unused frames so that they can be redistributed to individuals in developing countries. If you’re like me, you buy new glasses every year or two because your prescription changes. People in developing countries don’t have this luxury. However, there is a good chance that someone else out there is going to have the same prescription that you’ve grown out of. Earth Conscious Optics facilitates the process of getting your unused frames and working prescription to someone that could really use a pair of glasses.

Modo Eyewear and the Earth Conscious Optics line is just one example of how businesses are focusing on sustainability to grow and expand the market, despite the recent economic downturn. Those attending Sustainable Brands 2010, which runs from June 7–10, 2010, in Monterey, Calif., will find many more examples of businesses growing sustainable product lines.

Photo: *clairity*/Flickr

Modo Eyewear: Going green despite the recession
Modo Eyewear will be highlighting its new sustainable eyewear line, Earth Conscious Optics, at the Sustainable Brands 2010 conference.