I love Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day brand cleaning products.  From the laundry detergent to the hand soap and the countertop spray to the dish soap, I’ve tried nearly every product in the Mrs. Meyer’s lineup.  This holiday season, Mrs. Meyer’s is offering its products in two holiday scents, Orange Clove and Iowa Pine, and the company is donating 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of holiday gift sets to the Arbor Day Foundation.

“Here at Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, we know it is important to go beyond making great products, but to also help make a positive impact whether it’s in our workplace, neighborhoods or for our environment.  We’re committed to using and promoting earth-friendly practices, which are inspired by our garden heritage,” said Kim Chisholm, vice president of marketing at Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day.  “As such, the Arbor Day Foundation fits nicely with our brand values, making the organization a great community partner, especially during the time of year when trees are cut down the most.”

I had the opportunity to sample the two holiday scents.  A few weeks ago I received two scented soy tin candles, one in Orange Clove and one in Iowa Pine.  The Orange Clove was my favorite, but I’m partial to anything that smells like cloves.  

During the holiday season, both cloves and cinnamon put me in the spirit but since my husband doesn’t like cinnamon in any way, shape or form, I’m often limited with my candle choices.  The Iowa Pine scent was nice and since we don’t use a live Christmas tree, it made our house smell a bit more Christmas-like without the upkeep that a live tree requires.  

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day holiday gift sets include a liquid hand soap, dish soap and countertop spray in your choice of scent for $11.99 and remember, 20 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Arbor Day Foundation.  Log on to the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day website to find a store in your area.

Photo: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

Mrs. Meyer's partners with the Arbor Day Foundation
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of holiday gift sets will be donated to the Arbor Day Foundation.