Cable television is a great way to bring an important message to the masses. One energy company is taking advantage of the power of cable TV to spread its Go Green message. MXenergy is launching MXenergyTV on Cablevision’s iO TV, which serves customers in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York.

MXenergyTV, which will be broadcast on iO TV channel 654, will feature a variety of programs designed to help their customers save energy. Several educational and even fun programs are on the MXenergyTV schedule including Talking Trash, which will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what happens with waste once it leaves in the garbage truck.

The lineup also includes a Teaching Trash segment geared towards kids. The program will show that trash can be turned into art while teaching children about recycling.

Although the programs offered on the new MXenergyTV will be educational, they will also be interactive thanks to Cablevision’s Advanced Platforms technology. Viewers will be able to gauge the level of their environmental knowledge through the Test Green IQ program as well as request more information about a specific product or service with just a click of the remote.

"We have been at the forefront of the sustainability movement and are always looking for creative ways to get the message out to consumers," said Jeffrey Mayer, president and CEO of Stamford, Conn.-headquartered MXenergy. "As one of the largest providers of natural gas and electricity in the U.S., we feel we have a moral obligation to help educate consumers about ways to help the planet. We see Cablevision's terrific interactive television platform as the ideal vehicle to engage the public with these messages."

This is definitely a creative way to help MXenergy share its environmental message with the public. Although the television channel is new, it isn’t MXenergy’s only environmental initiative. The company has been declared carbon neutral, allows Connecticut customers to purchase 100 percent renewable energy-generated electricity and encourages customers to purchase carbon offsets through its MXearth initiative.

Photo: LGEPR/Flickr

MXenergy launches new TV channel
The power of cable TV will soon help one energy company spread its Go Green message.