Individuals with physical disabilities or limitations can’t always wear clothing off the rack. While there are a bevy of Internet-based stores that offer "accessible" or "adaptive" clothing, sometimes shoppers just need to try on an item to see how it fits. Unfortunately, there aren’t as many brick-and-mortar stores that stock accessible clothing, but now shoppers in the West Allis, Wis., area have a new shopping resource — Accessible Wear.

Store owners Lisa Brodacz and Neil Sherman and their new store were featured in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. Sherman’s father, who lived to 90, and the difficulties his father’s caregiver faced in dressing him, was the impetus for launching Accessible Wear. The situation, “helped spawn a business idea: A store stocked with clothes designed specifically for people who are physically challenged — people with disabilities, with missing limbs, people in wheelchairs, people who simply have trouble raising their arms above their head.”

Accessible Wear, which opens on Sept. 20, will feature clothing with easy-to-use clasps like Velcro and magnets, pants designed specifically for women in wheelchairs, and more. Accessible clothing is also great for individuals on the autism spectrum who may have challenges with fine motor skills or sensory sensitivities.

The story gets better, though, Brodacz and Sherman are opening this store without acquiring any new debt. Launching a new business, especially a retail business, is always a gamble and so the pair decided against borrowing money for their new venture. 

Instead of using traditional small business funding models, Brodacz and Sherman have tapped into personal savings. Now the pair can focus on growing their business without worrying about whether or not they can make their monthly small business loan payments.

New 'accessible' clothing store opens in Wisconsin
The brick and mortar store lets individuals with physical disabilities try on clothes.