A new organization, Carbon Offsets To Alleviate Poverty (COTAP), is planning to battle two major international crises: climate change and poverty. The project just launched today with the announcement of a partnership with Canadian nonprofit Taking Root and the organization's current project in San Juan de Limay, Nicaragua.


The Limay Community Carbon Project has already helped generate more than $145,000 for surrounding communities. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the region, just ahead of Haiti, and so this project is providing a big economic boost to the area. Of course, the 159 hectares of new trees also provides a positive impact on the region.


COTAP's business model is different than other carbon offsetting projects. COTAP is the only 501(c)3 organization that focuses equally on climate change and fighting global poverty.


"Accredited forestry carbon projects in least-developed countries are unparalleled in terms of their reach, their dual social and environmental benefits, their transparency, their accountability, and their long-term impacts," said COTAP.org founder Tim Whitley. "COTAP.org was created to deliver what these projects need and deserve: early stage funding, at volume, and at a compelling per-tonne price. For individuals, supporting these projects is unsurpassable by any other donation they might make, regardless of what they believe about climate change or its causes. COTAP.org doubles the number of reasons to take action about one's CO2 emissions."


Visitors to the COTAP website can calculate their individual carbon footprint and purchase tax-deductible offsets that benefit the San Juan de Limay project.

New carbon offset project launches
COTAP will focus its carbon offsetting projects in impoverished countries.