When I walk into Starbucks, the last thing I expect to see is a handgun, but I live in Arizona and that means that there is a good chance I will see a citizen exercising his Second Amendment right to bear arms while I’m ordering a chai tea latte. But this may change if a new Brew Not Bullets boycott spurs Starbucks to act.


The National Gun Victims Action Council initiated the boycott to ask Starbucks to ban handguns in all of its stores regardless of state laws. The ban was first announced on Jan. 23 and it officially began on Feb. 14.


This isn’t the first time the issue has garnered media attention, however. Two years ago, a similar request was made and Starbucks refused to ban guns. This action was well-received by pro-NRA Americans but left the National Gun Victims Action Council frustrated.


Now here we are a full two years later and Starbucks patrons may still be greeted by legal, gun-wielding customers. The nonprofit action council has tried everything short of a boycott and so the group was left with no other choice but to announce the Brew Not Bullets boycott.


“Starbucks has the legal right to ban guns but despite having been petitioned by thousands, asked at a shareholder meeting, and a direct appeal made to their board, Starbucks clings to this policy that puts millions of Americans at risk every day and encourages the spread of guns being carried in public.” Source: National Gun Victims Action Council


Millions of Americans feel that the right to bear arms is one of the most important rights afforded to them and this includes bearing arms while sipping a Starbucks espresso. What do you think? Should Starbucks ban weapons in its stores?

Organization begins 'Brew Not Bullets' Starbucks boycott
The National Gun Victims Action Council wants Starbucks to ban guns in its stores.