After the town of Joplin, Missouri was devastated by an EF5 tornado, individuals and businesses donated money to the American Red Cross and other organizations to help with the cleanup efforts. However, some businesses prefer to take a more hands-on approach to these relief efforts. One such business is Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Shortly after the tornado decimated Joplin, P&G dispatched the famed Tide Loads of Hope trailer to the community. The bus provides a free wash and fold laundry service to community residents. At a time when these individuals are just trying to pick up pieces of their life, having clean clothes on their back is sometimes a luxury. P&G takes this everyday task off of the victim’s plate and allows them to focus on more important issues.

After the success of the Tide Loads of Hope bus, P&G decided to create a Duracell Power Relief Trailer. The Duracell trailer, which was first dispatched after the Tuscaloosa, Alabama tornado, provides free batteries and flashlights to disaster victims. It also allows residents to recharge laptops and cell phones, enabling the victims to reach out to their families to let them know they are safe.

Duracell spokesperson Kurt Iverson commented on the service for a post on The New York Times website, “It’s just a great opportunity to really have some personal relationships with consumers that have probably bought Duracell for years but probably didn’t expect them to show up on their doorstep when they needed them most.”

The New York Times article goes on to provide details about a possible Iams and Eukanuba-branded pet-assistance mobile unit. In the weeks since the Tuscaloosa and Joplin tornadoes, several animal-related stories have made national headlines including Mason, a dog that crawled home with two broken legs weeks after the Alabama tornadoes. An animal-related mobile unit would definitely be of use to those with pets.

P&G's hands-on approach to disaster relief
The Tide Loads of Hope trailer is just one way that Procter & Gamble provides hands-on disaster relief.