Procter & Gamble (P&G) released its new sustainability vision along with a detailed list of goals that the company plans to achieve during the next decade. Sustainable business practices are quickly becoming the norm for companies like P&G.

The new sustainability vision includes specific goals that the company wants to meet during the next decade. For example, although the overall sustainability vision includes the exclusive use of renewable energy to power all of its plants, the company has set an incremental goal of 30 percent renewable energy use by 2020. As renewable energy availability grows and expands over the next decade, P&G might be able to speed up their adoption rates during the second ten-year period.

P&G is not limiting their sustainability vision to in-house operations but also to consumer products and habits. As the owner of several high-profile brands including Dawn, Duracell, and Tide, these changes could have far-reaching effects. The company plans to replace petroleum-based materials with renewable materials. By 2020, the company hopes to be one quarter of the way through this ultimate goal.

P&G is also researching consumer solid waste. As a manufacturer of consumer goods, waste from their products often ends up in landfills. The company plans to initiate a pilot program to learn more about eliminating the amount of consumer waste that ends in landfills. The pilot program will be launched in both existing and developing markets by 2020.

Other 2020 goals detailed in this week’s update include a reduction in truck transportation, a reduction of manufacturing waste, and an increase in the amount of cold-water laundry loads by its consumers.

In addition to the use of 100 percent renewable energy, P&G also detailed three additional long-term goals: using 100% renewable or recycled materials for products and packaging, diverting all consumer and manufacturing waste from landfills, and “designing products that delight consumers while maximizing the conservation of resources.” P&G plans to update their progress towards all of these goals on an annual basis.

P&G's new sustainability strategy
Procter & Gamble's new sustainability vision focuses on renewable energy, recycled materials, and more.