Green jobs advocates have often wondered where all the women are in the green jobs revolution. Well, PINK has found some. PINK, an online resource for professional women, has released the Top 10 Women in Sustainability 2011. The list recognizes female trailblazers in the corporate social responsibility and sustainability arena.

Women from some of the world’s leading companies were named to the list, including representatives from The Coca-Cola Company, Turner Broadcasting, Johnson & Johnson and Intel.

“The women leaders featured share company best practices worthy of emulating, from tying employee bonuses to sustainability contributions and incentivizing customers to hold green meetings, using paper free banking and training staff to reduce waste.” Source: PINK

What I love about this list is that these women are in positions of power and can introduce and execute change throughout the company. A single change can have far-reaching effects, not just within the company but also in the local community. The effect that these women will have on sustainability may be immeasurable.

As the nation continues to move towards a green economy, women like those recognized by PINK will ensure that females have an important role in our emerging eco-economy. Learn more about these sustainability champions by reading their individual bios on the PINK website.

PINK recognizes female green biz leaders
PINK announces the Top 10 Women in Sustainability 2011.