Since 2003, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has reduced its energy use by 26 percent, or 8.6 trillion BTUs of energy. Energy efficiency measures in place at the USPS’s 33,000 buildings have saved enough energy to meet the power needs of 90,000 households for a year. In 2011, alone, a 1 trillion BTUs reduction in energy use saved the USPS $22 million.


Although energy use was slightly higher in 2011 than 2010, the USPS is well on its way towards meeting the goal of reducing energy use by 30 percent by 2015. Energy efficiency measures in place at the Postal Service include:


  • A green roof at the Morgan Mail Processing and Distribution Facility in New York
  • A second green roof at the Syracuse Colvin-Elmwood Post Office, also in New York
  • A comprehensive energy auditing process to identify improvement areas
  • Energy efficient lighting retrofits
  • Consolidation of data centers and subsequent implementation of green network strategies

Looking forward, the USPS will continue to foster a culture of conservation. “By purposefully integrating our energy data collection tools to specific facility energy opportunities, along with educating and promoting employee energy awareness, we strive to continuously drive behavioral change within our organization.” Source: USPS


For more information about the USPS’ reduction in energy use and other sustainability initiatives in place at the organization, download the 2011 U.S. Postal Service Annual Sustainability Report (PDF).

Postal Service reduces energy use by 26%
Energy efficiency measures have led to a reduction of 8.6 trillion BTUs of energy use.