Education is the key to success in so many facets of our lives. Obviously educating our youth and preparing them for the future is important. But education is also important in the energy efficiency arena, as well. If a customer knows how much energy they are using or even how much energy a specific appliance uses, the customer may take the steps needed to reduce her energy use. A reduction in energy consumption not only reduces the customer’s monthly electricity bill but it also helps reduce her energy-based carbon footprint.


While at the local library today I saw a poster encouraging library patrons to check out a Kill A Watt meter as part of the SRP Energy Analyzer Program. The program is not new but since I use the online digital library for the vast majority of my book checkout needs, it is new to me. If I wanted, I could check out this meter and go home and measure exactly how much energy my refrigerator uses, how much energy the freezer in the garage uses (I know, not the best place for a freezer in Arizona) and even how much energy my laptop uses.


Why would I want to know this? Well, it might make me think twice about keeping that freezer in the garage and instead look for a place for it in my climate-controlled house. It all comes back to the education factor; seeing, in tangible numbers, the amount of electricity used from a device may change how one uses that device or even make an individual stop using the product altogether.


SRP, which is the third-largest public power utility in the country as well as my electricity provider, has a website that helps customers change their energy use habit based on the data they gathered with the Kill A Watt meter.


Customers simply log on to their account and access the Home Energy Manager for tips on reducing their energy use. Once logged on to the site, customers can receive a detailed report of their energy usage, find out ways to reduce this energy usage and even receive recommendations on long-term energy savings investments like solar panels.


If you live in the metropolitan Phoenix area and you’re an SRP customer, call your local library to check on the availability of a Kill A Watt meter. Meters are available at several Maricopa County Library District locations, throughout the City of Chandler library system, at two libraries in Avondale and these are just a few of the many libraries participating in the program.

Power company partners with libraries on energy usage project
Library patrons across the metropolitan Phoenix area can check out a Kill A Watt meter and measure their home appliance energy use.