Forget Trump’s, I’ll stick to Indiegogo and Kickstarter when I want to fund small projects. I’m adding a new crowdfunding site to that list, though: was launched in June 2011 and unlike, it focuses specifically on charitable and political causes.

I was surprised that I hadn’t heard about until I read an article on BloombergBusinessweek, "At, Fundraising for Charitable Causes is Big Business."

“ wants to dominate what its cowboy boots-wearing Chief Executive Officer Tom Serres calls the cause-based economy. Since his site launched in June 2011, people have raised money for pet projects ranging from expanding a community garden in Berlin to sending U.S. athletes to the Deaflympics in Bulgaria. So far, 27,000 people have mounted so-called Rallys, and more than 5 million people have donated.”

I can get behind the idea of a site dedicated to cause-based funding. Who wouldn’t want to help send athletes to the Deaflympics or support the expansion of a community garden?

Last year, a heart-touching Rally campaign was launched to support Bridget Crews, who lost her infant daughter. After her daughter, Molly, passed away, a friend gave her a bear to cuddle. A lightweight bear wasn’t enough, though, and so Bridget filled the bear with rice to weigh it down. That night, Molly Bears was created.  

Since that night, Bridget has shipped more than 1,500 bears to all 50 states and 13 countries to help families deal with the pain of infant loss. More than 150 people have donated to help keep Molly Bears operational.  

After browsing through the site, I ask myself, “Does the world really need another crowdfunding site?” In my opinion, no it doesn’t, but that isn’t going to stop serial entrepreneurs like Trump from trying to get a piece of the crowdfunding pie.

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