In a move that's not entirely unusual for the TP market, Nouvelle, venerable purveyor of "softer on nature, softer on you" recycled content toilet paper, has resorted to stunt advertising to help sell its product.

But in loo lieu of going the potty-mouthed shock tactic route, the company has opted to instead lend a rather generous helping hand to British wildlife by erecting a billboard in London that's embedded with birdseed. Essentially a buffet-style free-for-all, as birds stopped to help themselves and merrily peck away at the advertisement, a message hidden underneath the layers of birdseed — "Cheers" — slowly revealed itself to passing motorists

I can think of plenty of other words that would have made for fun, traffic-slowing hidden reveals (perhaps "bumwad" is a bit too crass?) but, as explained by London-based ad agency Brave, a simple "Cheers" was most appropriate for the campaign at hand:

If nature could talk…it would probably like to say thanks to everyone who chooses Nouvelle Soft toilet tissue — because it’s made with recycled paper, helping to conserve trees the world over. And, as we all know, trees are kind of a big deal, not least for the birds and wildlife that call them home. So we created a series of billboards, covered with birdseed. As the seed was eaten, nature’s message of ‘cheers’ was gradually revealed to the public, tying in to our campaign message: ‘NATURE WILL THANK YOU’.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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British loo roll company Nouvelle erects an outdoor advertisement that doubles as a massive roadside bird feeder.