Active Internet users easily visit a search engine dozens of times a day. While Google is the most used search engine, there are a plethora of other search engine choices out there including those that have a charitable aspect to them. One such charitable search engine is


The Foundation has just re-launched a new and improved Bing-based search tool at Using this search site doesn’t just give you the results you’re looking for, it also gives back in ways that help protect the environment.


" proves once again that protecting our environment and doing the things we enjoy and need to do can go hand in hand," said Eric Carlson, president of "If there is just one simple thing everyone can do today to help our environment, making the switch to is it."


When traffic is routed through, the website generates ad revenue from Yahoo! The funds generated are then used to support environmental conservation projects around the world including reforestation projects in the United States and Haiti and a mangrove project in India.


As part of the search engine’s re-launch, will donate five trees for every user that makes their default search engine and then Likes the Envirosearch Facebook page.


Search the web and protect the environment
The new and improved website is now open for business.